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Functional Fitness

The Woodchopper!

The woodchopper is a very effective functional exercise that works your core/torso and done with intensity, and will be one of the most effective exercises for your fitness. This article will be the start of a series for my additional page on the site to demonstrate exercises and routines that I have found to be the most effective for getting fit and staying fit.

Functional exercises are great for cross training for a specific sport and/or multiple sports. Most of us work our 40hour/week jobs and usually don’t have time to play a game of softball or tennis three or four times a week. Although you do want to improve you game for the weekend. A quick forty-five minute workout of functional training will fill that void and keep you ready.

I always encourage my clients to change up their routine and move away for isolation exercise to be more into full body movements. Of course a plan should be followed to achieve your goal of a better game and improved fitness and that is the point. Take a look at my new page and try some of these exercises then implement them during you workouts if you so desire. This could bring the rewards you’ve been seeking.

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Dynamic fitness routines are some of my favorite quickie training sessions. Choosing a movement that is both challenging from the resistance but also challenges your overall endurance of integrating your multiple muscle groups.

These type of routines that incorporate full body movements,for obvious reasons burn the most calories. While they may seem overwhelming at first, they will permit the most effective workout in the least amount of time.

In the beginning of 2011,I had found myself needing to loose that “Holiday weight” just like the most of us. Due to my busy schedule I had less gym time and less mountain bike ride time so the poor diet caught up to me. This photo was taken about two months ago and even though my gym time has not increased, my fitness has improved.

I haven't been updating my blog with enough frequency and I promise to do so from this day forward. Thanks for your patience and I look forward to your comments and emails.

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Right Start!

Starting your day with a good breakfast will set the pace for the rest of the day. Every morning we get up ready to face our day either having a plan or planning as we go. Getting the right start with a good breakfast is always the way to go. After I drink a full glass of water I love to have my “Peet’s” coffee. The breakfast shown above is steel cut oatmeal with milled fax and dried blueberries. This breakfast provides the carbohydrates I need to energize my morning. You can see my eating schedule on my previous article “My Daily Routine” . Your daily routine may not be that well planned out but don’t let this discourage you. Get the right start then continue your day by making the right choices. Don’t overdue the coffee or any other caffeinated  beverages and instead full your thirst with at least 8 to 10 glasses of water. I recommend getting a big  1 liter water flask like the ones used for hiking and camping and try to drink at least 2 full bottle per day. Being fully hydrated will not only help your body function properly but will also curve your appetite so you don’t make poor choices.

Plan and make the right choices throughout the day. Have a salad with a lean protein for lunch and avoid simple carbs. You should try to use discipline and keep yourself on track. Using this method from one meal to the next,then one day to the next will get through the week. Having more complex carbs with your breakfast and lunch and less with diner is good for leaning out. If you plan it around your workouts,that’s the best. Do this to energize yourself for your workouts by choosing the whole raw foods and getting to know how your body reactsThis can be motivating and give you your best workouts. Eventually you may start shopping for the foods to go with your workouts and have your refrigerator and cabinets filled with only the right choice foods that you know will give you the energy and fitness you desire.

It’s not easy to pre=plan every meal of every day but getting the “Right Start” each day will put you on track! So each morning as you get ready for your day keep in mind that you are what you eat, and getting the best quality fuel for your high performance engine will ultimately make you fitter and healthier.

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